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10,000 unique verification-inspired digital artworks: NFTs with commercial rights.



Date: Thu 15/12/2023
Time: 7pm UTC
Price: 0.001 ETH
Eligible Wallets: Anyone can mint


Date: Wed 14/12/2023
Time: 7pm UTC
Price: FREE
Eligible Wallets for Early Access:
• Early access will be granted to addresses on the


Discover the captivating NFT Collection of Check Icon BCAN - a fusion of digital art authenticity with prestigious Twitter verification symbols. Behold unique masterpieces celebrating the distinctiveness of each of us and our pursuit of expressing our true selves.

Designed with minimalistic and sophisticated aesthetics in mind, this collection stands out from the crowd, enchanting and inspiring. In a world where blue checkmarks are synonymous with prestige, Check Icon BCAN reminds us of the immense value of uniqueness, irrespective of external recognition.

This collection emphasizes that distinctiveness and authenticity hold a value that goes beyond traditional aesthetic norms and beauty standards. When you become an owner of an NFT from the Check Icon BCAN collection, you are not only investing in an original piece of art but also joining a movement that will celebrate the true worth and individuality of each person.

Discover and decide for yourself the value this extraordinary art holds for you. Immerse yourself in the world of Check Icon BCAN and experience the uniqueness that transcends all boundaries.



Holders of Check Icons BCAN possess all commercial rights and more.

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When is the Public Mint?

Thu 15/12/2023


Can anyone participate in the public minting?



What is the Public Mint price?

0.001 ETH


How do I mint as part of the public minting process?

Visit the Check Icon official site ( for the official minting link and connect your wallet on 06/12/2023.


What wallet can I use for the public minting ?

For the public mint, you need to use a MetaMask wallet.


Is there a max number of tokens per wallet?



Will there be an instant reveal?

Yes. (It may take a few moments to refresh).


How many Check Icons will be available for the Public Mint?

At least several thousand will be available. It depends on how many are minted the day before during the Early Access Mint. There will be 10,000 total Check Icons, and approximately 9,000 are available for early access. It's possible some people who qualify for Early Access Mint will not claim their Check Icons – those will then be available as part of the public mint.


Is Premint registration required to mint?

NO. We considered this option, but decided that the best approach was to allow everyone to participate in the mint. 

Created by MesserLabs All rights reserved.

Verified Smart Contract

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